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Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar was on of the greatest leaders of India. He was jurist, social worker, writer and educationist. He fought against untouchability and became the emancipator of the untouchables and crusader for social justice it was he who drafted the Indian Constitution.

He was born in Mahu which is now in Madhya Pradesh on April, 14, 1891. He was born in a family of Mahars, the largest untouchable case at that time. As a child he had bitter experience of untouchability. That was the time when backwards ad untouchables were insulted and ill-treated. Dr. Ambedkar proved to be an angel for these poor and down trodden people.

Ambedkar was brilliant student. He passed his B.A. in 1912. He got scholarship from the benevolent Maharaja of Baroda State. He was under an agreement to serve the state for ten years. He went to America for higher studies. He completed Ph.D. degree from there in 1917. He also studied law.

Dr. Ambedkar had to suffer humiliation from time to time at every walk of his life right from his birth whether it was his school or his office. Needless to say that the condition of untouchbles was very bad at that time and being a dalit (Untouchable) he was ill-treated by his class mates and his teacher in the school. He had to sit at the back and also he had no right to touch the board like other students. In the office too, he had to face the contemptuous look of his sub-ordinates. His sub-Ordinates never showed courtesy to him. Even the peons declined to serve him a glass of water. He was greatly wounded at heart to see the condition of his community. He took a firm decision to fight for the rights of the untouchables.

He started his right with the foundation of ‘Bahiskrit Hitkarini Sabha’ the works of which were to form school for the untouchables to form centers for their moral uplifts, to open agricultural schools and industrial schools for the economic welfare of the downtrodden people. He organized people of his case and tried to cr3ate a new spirit in them. He advised them to be educated to depend upon themselves. He also advised them not to think of themselves as lower caste people and fight for their rights.

Dr. Ambedkar had a good knowledge and organizing power. He impressed the freedom fighters and leaders. He made an important place in society. When India became free in 1947 Ambedkar was appointed a minister. He was a progressive man and a great scholar. It was therefore the constituent Assemble of Independent India appointed him the Chairman of the drafting committee to draft the constitution of India. He completed the Indian Constitution taking great interest with other fellows. His contribution regarding Indian Constitution could not be forgotten. He passed away on December 6, 1956. He became a Buddhist during his last days of life. He had a great tolerance and boldness to face the social problems. Great sufferings regarding untouchability could not change the firm determination of fight it. He was a true son of mother India. When Bharat Ratna, the nation’s highest civilian award, was conferred posthumously on him in 1990, it was rightly seen as a fitting though belated tribute to one of the builders of modern India.

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